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Despite the world still standing, I’m still thinking about a lot of the theories that were going around about what might have happened. Asteroids, aliens, planets, mass environmental disasters, zombies and the dinosaurs coming up from their underground haven to retake the surface world. All of these things have one important thing in common.

They were all very large scale and immediate. The world was supposed to be gone in 24 hours.

What fun is that, though? It’s all gone so fast, no time for anyone to really take in the gravity of the situation or do much at all with their last few moments. They don’t get to fall apart or bring themselves together and try to come up with some way to try and fail to prevent it.

I speak from a writer’s perspective here and not as someone who would really rather the asteroid take out his apartment while he’s sleeping so he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout. I wouldn’t last a week.

Me, I prefer my fictional apocalypses slow. I like them when people can actually debate when it really happened. Starting with something small that could spiral completely out of control. Something setting off a series of events that dismantle the world as we know it just make it a lot more fun because people get a chance to react.

It’s more interesting to watch those people who thought nothing bad would ever happen to them have to come to the realization that this is all actually happening. I want to see people slowly realizing that the end is coming through things that are actually happening around them and trying to prevent it, even if their efforts are completely useless.

A sudden end to the world is just so… anticlimactic.