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I’ve been thinking between sips of highly alcoholic eggnog on this fine Christmas eve. Christmas horror. There isn’t nearly enough good supernatural horror about Christmas. I may have to change that.

But why is Christmas horror all kind of terrible? I ask this mostly because I just watched Santa’s Slay and just can’t come up with any good horror stories that happen around Christmas. I can’t think of anything good or even mildly unsettling that I’ve seen.

I suspect it has something to do with worrying about whether or not the children will stumble onto it, but I don’t know why anyone would limit themselves for that. Put it on television late at night when the kids are supposed to be asleep and waiting for Santa or something.

Or maybe it’s because it’s Christmas. The season just works better with cheesy specials. We expect something cheesy and therefore cheesy things are made, or something with a cheesy edge to it. I remember the Supernatural Christmas episode which had some good elements to it, but it still had a lot of those cheesy moments to it.

Christmas just has a feel to it, I think. Even if something isn’t supposed to cheesy, we make it cheesy because it’s Christmas. The endings are almost always happy and we attribute that to the cheesiness of the season. I wonder sometimes if making a sad ending without an uplifting message to it would make it feel any less cheesy.

And I wonder if I can get my hands on a copy of Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and convince the family to watch it. I hear good things. Merry Christmas, everyone.