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It’s getting close to that time when we all make those promises to ourselves that we aren’t going to keep. Losing weight, eating healthier, finishing that thing you’ve been meaning to finish for the past five years, you know what I mean. Still, setting a couple goals isn’t a bad thing. And me, I have a few goals for the new year myself. What better way to be held accountable for them than to tell the internet about them so that you guys can harass me if I don’t get them done.

So, in no particular order, the resolutions of a sort.

First, putting out the first book. It has to be done. Hopefully the end of January will see it on screens from all over. I’ll talk a little more about the book in the upcoming month, but for now, know that one is coming.

After that, I want to get nine more out this year. This seems to be a volume sort of industry, so I’m going to try and put out as much quality content as I can. Don’t worry, there will still be a lot of work put into them to make them polished. If I can’t get nine books up to the quality I want them at, then it’s not that big of a loss.

I need to build a following, or so all of the other blogs tell me. Twitter. 1000 followers. It seems modest enough and quantifiable. How hard could it be? (@lylestanner if you want to give me a hand with that)

Also, I need to get off WordPress.com. I chose WordPress as a platform because it was versatile and had so many plugins that I wasn’t going to have any problems with anything that I wanted to do with the site. Unfortunately, WordPress.com, even with a paid account, looks like it’s going to fall completely short of what I’m looking for.

That’s what I’m planning for the new year. What about the rest of you? Any plans, goals or resolutions? Or are you not bothering this year?