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Found on Tea leaves

Found on Tea leaves

The magic of the world never really went away. It’s just been hidden, forced into back alleys and out of the public eye for so long that some don’t believe that it ever existed at all. Scattered across the world and hidden away into the back streets, there are many who know otherwise and make it their lives.

Tales of the Twisted Eden Sector is a series of short stories that all take place in different times to different people who live and sometimes even work in a very unusual place. The affectionately named Twisted Eden Sector is home to the busiest branch of the Syndicate, an organization whose sole purpose is to cover up the existence of magic and nothing else.

They have more than enough work on their hands as they seem to be at the centre of something big. The fabric of the universe seems thinner here than anywhere else. Their sector sees more enchanted items, dangerous people and strange creatures than any other. The appearance in recent years of children born with an innate ability to perform a single spell with no training in their sector and theirs alone has baffled them and flooded their files. Something is coming, but without knowing what it might be, they are forced to deal with it one case at a time.

The first instalment, Chief, will be out shortly.