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So, from that whole thing on New Years Resolutions, I have finally accomplished at least one of them. I’m going to keep cross posting to WordPress.com for a little while longer, just to make the transition a bit easier for everyone who is actually following along, but most of the interesting stuff will be happening there.

As for what that interesting stuff is, I have a few things planned beyond the basic blogging stuff. Given certain decisions I’m making in regards to distribution methods, I’m probably going to be doing giveaways and special sales on this site instead of the other places I have out there. Also, hopefully I get a fanbase because having to create some sort of fan interaction area would be kick ass.

Not that the blogs are going to stop. I have a friend who has recently vented his frustration at the publishing process for his story and I am going to start talking about my own process for coming to my conclusions about publishing and my own journey up to this point. I know I’m not all the way there yet, but who knows? It might help someone out there.

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