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With my site going down for the past… over two weeks now, I think it’s a good time to talk about backup plans for when my site goes down.

I didn’t have a backup plan in place when this all happened. I thought it would be back up in no time, went back to work on my writing and hoped it would all be back to normal soon. I figured this was a nice break from writing blog posts so I could just focus on getting the book done. I was so close and I didn’t have time for a blog right now, anyway! The stories were more important, so the site didn’t need to be up.

Except that I linked everyone back to the site. Content or no, I needed a working link to somewhere so that people could still find my books when they clicked on it. A link that doesn’t work, I know full well as a web developer, is a poor first impression.

And then I realized I had a book that was due out in about a week. ((Terror Twins. I’ll let you know more about it in the next post!))

With that realization, I scrambled, looking for alternatives and trying to figure out what else I could do. Somewhere that I could link to that worked. At that point, I thought that maybe not too many people were clicking the link anyway, so maybe no one would have noticed.

I changed it everywhere to link to Facebook. Apparently a lot of people click on that profile link.

I tried a lot of things and failed at a lot of things in doing so. I also somehow ended up with a Tumblr. After all that, I finally remembered the wordpress.com site I started out on in the first place and, at last, the plan fell into place. Well, mostly into place. I’ll need to maintain this site a lot more in the future, just in case anything else should happen.

Here’s hoping the actual site comes back soon! In the meantime, it’s good to have a back up.